Monday, March 11, 2013

Snow Day & the Children's Museum

It snowed pretty much all day Thursday and Friday. The freshly fallen snow is really pretty, and it looks like somebody sprinkled confectioners sugar all over everything. But, we're kind of stuck inside while it's snowing, and all the pretty white stuff quickly turns into icky brown stuff. There are little (and big) Snow Dirt Mountains everywhere, and you have walk through cold brown slush until it melts enough to wash away. Ew. Lucy had a good snow day, though. We made a huge mess "cooking" in her kitchen with flour and oatmeal, and we went out in the snow for a little while. She's not very impressed by the snow, I think mostly because she struggles to walk in it. Here's a view of our snow-covered house. We live on the first floor.

Sunday, we took Lucy to the Boston Children's Museum. It was wonderful! We took the subway train (the T) into the city, which Lucy thought was pretty exciting. We stayed at the museum for about 2 hours. They had pretend play stations, water and sand stations, and lots of science stuff, like simple machines and giant bubble makers. There is also a lunch area, so we were able to take a break and eat and then go play some more. We bought an annual membership, so we can go back any time we want and not pay admission. Also, when our nieces and nephews come to visit, we can get a discount on their admission. Hint, hint.

Lucy and I have also been going to the Cambridge Library. They have story times and other kids' programming, and the entire second floor of the library is dedicated to Children's books, games, and computers. It is so wonderful. Also, we can walk there in 10-15 minutes, which is even more wonderful. We can also walk to a really great local toy store that hosts some children's programs like sing-along time. It's near The Biscuit, where I like to get lunch and pastries. So, who wants to come visit?

Monday, March 4, 2013

We're Here!

We've been here in our new place for a little over a week now. When we first arrived, I was super overwhelmed by a strange mixture of sadness and excitement. It was very hard to leave our families behind. But, Doug likes his new job and our new (and old) Boston friends have helped us feel like we've always been here. Already, daily life is much different for us. Doug can walk to work. Lucy and I can walk to the playground, the grocery store, and a zillion other places. It's still very cold, so I don't walk with Lucy that much unless the sun is out, and the wind here can be kind of intense. But, getting out and walking places and seeing so many other young people and people with children is such a good feeling. Here are some photos from our first week"

We have only a teensy-tiny shower, and no bath tub. So, Lucy bathes in this teensy-tiny tub that (barely) fits inside the shower. She actually seems to have more fun in there than in the big tub.
The first weekend we were here, it snowed a good bit. It's so pretty! But, then it rained and everything turned to nasty brown slush. It was pretty gross. It seems like the leftover snow from the blizzard is really starting to melt now, so maybe spring is coming soon?
There's a neat little cafe with sandwiches, coffee, and pastries that's about a ten minute walk from our house. It's SO yummy, and I've already been a few times. It's called The Biscuit, but they do not serve biscuits. And, Lou is home during the day, so having her around to help me and Lucy explore is pretty much the best thing I could've asked for, living in a new city.
We had to get our car registered in Massachusetts and get our new drivers' licenses. Massachusetts requires that your car pass inspection, to make sure nobody's driving around spewing nasty emissions into the air. Also, everybody has recycling, and there are recycling bins all over the city. When we were in Spanish Fort, we had to take all our recycling ourselves. Now, we don't even have to sort it! It's just like a second trash bin. I think some areas actually have mandatory recycling! So many things are different here. So far, we're really enjoying it. Visitors welcome. =)